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    ethnicomm inc.is a provider of a wide array of sales, marketing and web strategy consulting services that enable successful market entry or growth for Canadian, American, European and Asian-based small-medium sized businesses. More


    We activate your business through the development and management of insightful marketing, sales and web strategies. More


    You want to succeed in the marketplace but need guidance with not only what you should do but how you should do it. More



    We believe in the Golden Rule. Not “the one who has the gold makes the rules”, but rather the other, more sustainable and relationship-oriented one: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself”. We do what’s ethically right because quite frankly, we like to sleep well at night! 

    • You don’t just want strategy, you want execution
    • You want to get it done right but you want to get it done fast
    • You understand that experience trumps piss and vinegar


    • ...His marketing expertise combined with his technical savvy allows him to help companies at both a strategic “big picture” level and address the tactical challenges. He has a passion for helping others and takes genuine interest in helping you succeed.

      Satyen RajendraPrincipal Consultant, SPS Intellect Solutions Inc.
    • Bhupesh provided valuable and insightful feedback and has continued to help with suggestions on features and improvements since then. His knowledge and expertise in social media is excellent.

      Andreas WilkensCo-Founder, MediaFunnel
    • Bhupesh is a knowledgeable speaker that we have been using for a variety of seminars since 2010. He brings a lot of experience and offers creative ideas to help build your business and increase brand awareness....

      Daniela MazzaferroSmall Business Consultant at Town of Richmond Hill
    • Bhupesh Shah is a strategic thinker and a consummate business professional that has a firm grasp of all things Search/Web Marketing. He is one of the few that has managed to bridge the Search & Marketing divide. He is diligent, insightful, focused and fair. 

      Tom TsinasManaging Director, Search and Social, Postmedia
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