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    Jul 2008

    Cuil or not? Comments on the newest search engine.

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    A new search engine launched today and I was thrilled to read that it indexes over 120 billion pages or three times more than any other search engine according to their press release.  What other search engine is relevant?  The one where the Cuil guys came from – the one that should feel no threat – at least not yet. Cuil may be the biggest search engine but as you will see, biggest is not necessarily the best.

    cuil homepagte

    I was curious to see where I ranked on my keywords compared to Google. Not because it is important to me (well ok it is) but because the keywords I chose are part of my web strategy and if they’re not helping me rank higher and bring in traffic, they are useless.

    So…I Cuil-ed the keywords (somehow I don’t think that it’s going to become a verb like Googling).  It was lightning fast in telling me the number of search results. Unfortunately, getting those search results to show up on my screen was slower than the new Facebook page refresh!  Out of 13 results on the first page, 4 were for one particular company. Cuil claims that they “focus on the content of the page and then present a set of results that has both depth and breadth.”  I don’t think so!

    One key phrase, and I mean KEY phrase, yielded 14,500,000 pages on Google but only 114,518 on Cuil.  Even “web strategy” was poorly represented (98,756 results). In the time it took to roll my eyes, Google showed 31,600,000 results.

    I also searched for ethnicomm to see if my homepage showed up. NOPE. In fact, a client’s homepage that had the words “web strategy by ethnicomm inc.” popped up several pages in. I would have tested it out some more before commenting but I didn’t want to wait 10 minutes for the content to spit out.  I’m sure things will improve over time but right now, I don’t have the time to waste on Cuil. And why does it look like cull on my computer?

    On a positive note, the layout is aesthetically pleasing, I am not bothered by Adwords and the short descriptions seem a bit more informative. Maybe Google will learn from their ex-employees.

    If you’re looking to switch to a better search engine, it is not Cuil!

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