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    May 2008

    Mouse-less technology gives visitors a hand…literally.

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    What I sawImage by Bettina Tizzy via Flickr

    Well, a free hand. New technology which is hitting the web these days allows site visitors to navigate using hand gestures and movements only. No fine motor skills or tedious clicking required.

    Users with a webcam will be able to navigate through redesigned websites with the help of a screen on the bottom right hand corner which will register hand gestures and movements. Web pages will be divided into quadrants and read the user’s motions allowing for smooth navigation. If you’ve seen the movie Minority Report, you know what I am getting at. If you’ve used an EyeToy with your PS2 or PSP, you’re already familiar with how this works.

    Adding a whole new level of interaction to web browsing, this mouse-less technology will open doors (or new browser windows) to the physically disabled, those with RSI, gamers, and guys that would rather wave their hands than type (like myself). It will also become a great marketing device.

    This tool should create many new and interesting opportunities for engaging with customers online. Creating or restoring accessibility for the disabled or those with RSI will allow companies and businesses to target a whole new market segment. New games can be created that will keep customers at your website. You don’t have to ask for certain demographic info, the camera never lies! Imagine conducting a sales pitch online and the viewer looks away. Program the system to respond with a Hey buddy, pay attention or for an instant 20% off, click here. Pretty soon your webinar attendees’ eyes will be glued to the screen.

    What are the advantages of this mouse-less technology?

    1. It’s cool.
      If nothing else this new technology will draw users to mouse-less sites in order to try it out. Therefore, show your creativity and give them a reason to come to your site like the digital design agency Clusta has done for Publicis & Hal Riney!
    2. It’s captivating.
      Creating interaction with your audience means a stronger brand. Nothing is more appropriate for interactive marketing than giving your audience the ability to physically control the user experience. No more splash pages to go through and lots of visual feedback.
    3. It’s new.
      Opportunities with budding technology like this is boundless. Spin it to target your audience. Be creative and use it to your advantage.

    Things to consider:

    1. Some assembly required (on both the user and presenters’ part).
      A web cam is needed by the user and a complete site redesign is necessary in order for the wireless technology to be compatible. Most users don’t want to buy new equipment in order to visit a website.
    2. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
      Learning new technology can be frustrating and overwhelming. Make sure your target demographic will be willing to delve into the world of mouse-less navigation with ease.
    3. You may be recorded.
      Seeing a message stating that you may be recorded kinda weirded me out! After fooling around with it for a while I yanked my camera out just in case there was some vestigial recording going on.

    If you do have a webcam (come on seriously, if you’re reading this you MUST), and want to check out a website that is already using the technology visit Publicis & Hal Riney . Yes, that’s right! Your mouse is still required to click on the link.