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    Apr 2010

    7 Links to Visit as you SEO your Site

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    I conducted an SEO workshop this morning that was hosted by the Town of Newmarket (Ontario). The main topics were:

    • Overview of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Benefits of SEO
    • Principles of search engine-friendly design
    • Tips on how to apply SEO to your website
    • How to avoid the biggest SEO pitfalls that could lower your rankings
    • How social media can help boost your search engine ranking

    I wanted to share much more but unfortunately the 3 hours went by rather quickly. Instead of sending each attendee an email with additional links, I thought I’d share this with the community so all can benefit.


    W3C Quality Assurance Tools

        – use these tools to see where you need some work! There is even one that finds broken links on your site.

    Add your URL to Google

        – start that relationship!

    Google Analytics

        – helps you see and analyze your website traffic what your visitors are doing.

    A Free keyword phrase list generator

        – helpful as you continue to tweak and improve your website.

    A search engine that tracks what is being talked about using Google Buzz

        – find popular search terms/trends – incorporate that into your blogs to get more traffic (blogs don’t necessarily have to be 100% related to your business).


        – check to see where your username is registered on a wide range of social media sites.

    50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

        – for those of you still not convinced!

    There are many more tips and tools out there – if you find others, please share them. If you need more help with search engine optimization or your web strategy, let me know.

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