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    A good idea is a good idea NOW!™

    If you don’t have a website, take the time to research, plan and develop your website right the first time. Ensure that it is customer-friendly and offers value. Aside from being easy to navigate, your website should build loyalty, reduce your cost of doing business and help you market your products or services. The challenge is in choosing the appropriate applications for the long term and implementing them successfully. That’s where our web strategy consulting comes in. We will help develop a systematic plan of action so that your website gives you a positive return on your investment and continues to be relevant in future.

    If you already have an internet presence, you are probably reading this because you feel that your website is not contributing to your business.  Here are some questions for you to consider:

    • is your industry growing, contracting or static
    • how are you doing relative to the industry
    • what is the purpose of your website
    • is your website aligned with your corporate objectives
    • how do you determine how much you will spend on your website
    • how do you determine how much you will spend promoting your website online and offline
    • who will optimize your website for search engines
    • will you pay for search engine submissions and directory listings
    • do you measure your ROI
    • do you know where you rank on the popular search engines and why
    • do you track and analyze your website visitors
    • do you know who your target customers are
    • are your online customers different from your offline customers
    • how will your online marketing strategies compliment your offline marketing (is it integrated?)
    • what do your customers think of your website
    • what is the best customer segment for you to pursue
    • how do your competitors’ websites compare
    • do you have the same competitors online as you do offline
    • how are they different

    Please note that there isn’t a cookie-cutter template for developing a web strategy. Each industry and business is different. The key is to understand both and then work on the optimum web strategy that suits your needs. Our in-depth knowledge of web technologies and our own extensive business experience will be combined with our findings to present you with a solid strategy and recommendations to ensure a successful online presence.

    How our web strategy consulting process works.

    We get in the knitting so to speak! We will have many conference calls, emails and/or in person meetings with you and your team to understand the nuances of your business and industry. We may even learn more about your company and strategy by talking to your customers, suppliers and competitors. We will definitely research your competitor’s web strategies as well.  We will then combine all of these findings with our own extensive knowledge and experience and present back to you our plans and recommendations for making your online venture a success.

    In our experience, many companies fail at the execution level NOT at the strategy level. Does this sound like your company? Have you invested in outside assistance only to find that you end up knowing what must be done but not how?  We will not only help you develop a web strategy but show you how to execute!

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