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    A good idea is a good idea NOW!™

    12 seconds! That’s how long you have to connect with your target audience. In that time, you must attract their attention, engage them and persuade them to act, whether to contact you or buy something.  Sounds easy enough but when you also want to be noticed in search engines, your content, calls to action, meta title, description, header tags and internal and external linking all have to work together – this is where a true wordsmith is required – an SEO (search engine optimization) copywriter! It’s not about ranking high, it’s about attracting the right people to your site – those that are looking for what you are offering and then closing the deal. Utilize ethnicomm’s strategic copywriting services for effective, interesting and descriptive text copy for your site.

    Stay fresh! Your brochures, spec sheets or print advertising can stay the same but if you want to rank well in the search engines, your website should always be a work in process. The minute you feel your website is done, so are you!  To survive, you will have to become an online publisher – providing dynamic content to visitors and search engines alike. A good copywriter can help by crafting content that balances keywords with good, relevant and readable content. Even articles and press releases can benefit from strategic copywriting. The right optimization by ethnicomm’s strategic copywriting services can help gain relevant inbound links and build quality traffic to your site.

    Attract attention and drive action. To help search engines provide relevance in their search results, you need to help make your content easily understood.  Heading or header tags make the page easier to read and are given more weight by search engines. Meta titles and description tags often appear in search results. Therefore, what is written in these tags can influence whether the searcher clicks on your link or one of the other 9 links on the results page. A good strategic copywriter will know what words to use. ethnicomm will know the right words to use: those that are effective and descriptive for people and machines.

    Be a tour guide. Instead of merely bringing a potential customer to your website, why not help them navigate towards the sale? Strategic copywriters can send readers to pages within your site through internal linking or even to other sites via external linking. These text linking strategies help your visitor find what they are looking for.

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