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    A good idea is a good idea NOW!™

    We negotiate all the time. Whether it’s about a raise, a promotion, who has to wash the dishes or even who gets the last piece of cake! There are good negotiators and there are bad negotiators – the key difference is that the good negotiator is prepared and understands the principles around negotiations. You know that it’s not about you winning and the other party losing. It’s about both parties walking away from the negotiation feeling better than they did before entering into the negotiation. How should you negotiate? Should you lay out your terms up front so that you don’t waste anyone’s time or should you keep your interests to yourself? What about quoting? Do you quote right away or wait to see what other requirements the buyer may throw at you? What are the risks in negotiating without knowing when you would walk-away from a deal? What do you do when you don’t have any negotiating power? You still can protect yourself from entering into a poor agreement.

    Recognize that negotiating is a game. As long as you know the “rules” of the game, you have a fair shot of walking away happy. Let us teach you the rules so that you can apply them towards your vendor or customer negotiations. You will:

    • understand the difference between a position and an interest
    • learn how to read people
    • develop skills to help you separate the people from the problem
    • become adept at generating a variety of options before settling on an agreement
    • understand how to deal with hidden agendas, requests for concessions and escalating demands
    • know what to offer, what to ask for and when to do it
    • make decisions based on predefined criteria
    • create your own approach to negotiations that is consistent with your style and comfort level
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