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    A good idea is a good idea NOW!™

    How We Do It and Why It Should Matter to You

    We activate your business through the development and management of insightful marketing, sales and web strategies.

    It takes a different way of thinking.

    ethnicomm invests in understanding markets and the tools and technologies available to make our clients more productive. We develop sales, marketing and web strategies with implementation in mind. We don’t just create the strategy and leave you to it. That doesn’t usually work in our experience. We develop a workable plan that fits into your capabilities, time and financial resources. We let you continue managing your business while we work to put the things in place to launch it to the next level (and beyond). With ethnicomm it is the bright idea without the wasted energy and hot air. Just cool strategies that work.

    We serve as your sales and/or marketing team. Many small to medium sized businesses do not have departments or teams solely devoted to thinking about sales strategymarketing strategy or how a web strategy should integrate with your overall business operations. The primary focus is on keeping the business going NOT on thinking about the future. We take on that responsibility. And we take it seriously!

    We provide complete solutions, including strategic development and rollout plans with dates, resources required and contingencies.

    We also provide strategic or tactical services for any aspect of your marketing mix.

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    As you can see, we are very flexible but serious about the success of our clients. Contact us for a free consultation.