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    May 2010

    Facebook Fan Page evaluator

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    Ever wonder how much your Facebook Fan Page is worth or what you could do to make it more engaging and effective? I just tried out vitrue’s beta Social Page Evaluator service. I’m not sure what beta signifies other than the fact that the service, terms or aesthetics may dramatically change? Google Alerts launched in 2003 and still shows beta.

    The Social Page Evaluator told me that my Facebook Fan Page is currently worth $245 with a potential value of $1836. The site suggests three contributing factors to my page’s current value and “potential applicable suggestions”: Posting Frequency, Post Type and Short URL. I was not impressed by the suggestion they provided for Posting Frequency. Apparently I am either posting too often or not often enough. This is the kind of suggestions I’d expect from a politician – wishy washy, non committal…but having the appearance of taking a stand! My Post Type is good. I am making effective use of multimedia and dynamic wall posts but could do better by using wall apps – this would allow me to utilize Facebook’s “share” function and hopefully get friends of friends to become fans. The description under the Short URL section is that URLs should be short and easy to type so that it increase the chance that a visitor will click on them. I did not understand what they meant here – should I not use my bit.ly account so I can track people’s behaviour?

    Three additional points could be seen by clicking on the “Other Best Practices” button. These were really good tips for the average fan page creator or owner.

    1. Build an audience – drive traffic through cross-promoting on other associated official fan pages.
    2. Optimize your fan page by completely filling out the profile and blurb box information.
    3. Engage the fan by posting 2-3 times per day; solicit comments and respond in a timely fashion. They suggest using bit.ly as your branded URL shortener….woohoo that’s what I use!

    Additional features on the site allow you to compare your fan page value with other brands; see what impact increasing your posting frequency or level of engagement will have on your page value (called fan-tasize); and track your page value over time. These features will probably be more useful once some history is collected on my fan page as well as other fan pages.

    Let me know what your fan page is worth and if you feel the Social Page Evaluator is a useful tool.

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    Apr 2010

    7 Links to Visit as you SEO your Site

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    I conducted an SEO workshop this morning that was hosted by the Town of Newmarket (Ontario). The main topics were:

    • Overview of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Benefits of SEO
    • Principles of search engine-friendly design
    • Tips on how to apply SEO to your website
    • How to avoid the biggest SEO pitfalls that could lower your rankings
    • How social media can help boost your search engine ranking

    I wanted to share much more but unfortunately the 3 hours went by rather quickly. Instead of sending each attendee an email with additional links, I thought I’d share this with the community so all can benefit.


    W3C Quality Assurance Tools

        – use these tools to see where you need some work! There is even one that finds broken links on your site.

    Add your URL to Google

        – start that relationship!

    Google Analytics

        – helps you see and analyze your website traffic what your visitors are doing.

    A Free keyword phrase list generator

        – helpful as you continue to tweak and improve your website.

    A search engine that tracks what is being talked about using Google Buzz

        – find popular search terms/trends – incorporate that into your blogs to get more traffic (blogs don’t necessarily have to be 100% related to your business).


        – check to see where your username is registered on a wide range of social media sites.

    50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business

        – for those of you still not convinced!

    There are many more tips and tools out there – if you find others, please share them. If you need more help with search engine optimization or your web strategy, let me know.

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    Mar 2010

    How to link to a specific part of a YouTube video

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    A growing trend in internet marketing is the use of videos to establish a deeper connection with the target market. Online video marketing is being used to educate, inform and entertain viewers or (potential) customers. Some examples include: testimonials; news bulletins; how-to videos; about us videos with talking heads; and even sweeping panoramas of the corporate showroom or warehouse.

    Now that Google has announced that they are adding automatic captioning to all English-language videos on YouTube, the opportunity is even greater if you think about search engine optimization (SEO).

    A problem with video is that sometimes you want to go to a specific part – skip the preamble etc. Or, there is a particular segment that you want to highlight. In the past, I have directed (potential) clients to my YouTube channel so they can see how I look on national television or to highlight my marketing experience. Instead of having them sit through 20 minutes of content, I created a link that takes them directly to the first instance where I appear. Other links allow them to skip ahead and go directly to the pertinent information – in this case, me!

    How do I do that?

    1. Make note of the specific time (in minutes and seconds) on the YouTube video that you want to link to.
    2. Copy the URL of the YouTube video and add “#t=” followed by the time in minutes and seconds to the end of the URL (i.e. #t=2m53 means the 2:53 minute mark on the video)
    3. Bam! That’s it!

    This is what it should look like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K–jbw_l4oU#t=2m53

    Want to see a link to a specific part of a YouTube video in action? Clicking on this URL with the time appended takes you to the two minutes and fifty-three seconds point of the video – where I am first introduced by one of my favourite anchors…Dianne Buckner of CBC!

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