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    May 2011

    Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Amazon Deal has execs singing Scheiße

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    Attracting customers is one thing but being able to satisfy them is another. This was the issue with Amazon’s brilliant campaign promoting Lady Gaga’s album. $0.99 download and free 20GB storage utilizing their Cloud Player service…what’s not to like? However, customers were so disappointed in the experience, they talked up the competition (iTunes) and slagged the service. This obviously did not achieve the objectives that the Amazon execs had hoped for. I can imagine Lady Gaga’s song Scheiße being their song of the day!

    If your internal operations cannot keep up with the demand, you risk driving customers to the competition. Once they see how nice it is over there, they may never come back.

    Key learning: Before any marketing campaign, make sure you have the capacity to handle the growth that you seek.

    Did you try to get in on this fantastic deal? What was your experience?

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