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    Jul 2010

    Facebook Facial Recognition

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    Facebook is working on facial recognition. Initially, they will recognize that a face exists in a photo and provide the opportunity to identify the face and tag the person simply by typing in the name. No more having to make sure your mouse clicks on the centre of the face first – Facebook will automatically create a box around what it believes is the face. With over 100 million photos uploaded every day, I guess Facebook realized that they must make tagging faster and easier.

    facebook facial recognition
    What does this mean for businesses? Uploading pictures of your staff and customers (with permission of course) will help spread your Fan Page across their networks. Since you’re already using social media, it is wise to strategically leverage the marketing tools that are available.

    Almost every Facebook user has uploaded at least one photo. I think every Facebook fan page should have at least one photo – even if it is just of yourself!

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