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    Feb 2012

    Blogging for Business

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    I came across this company called ArcticFoam through a common LinkedIn group. ArcticFoam (not to be confused with Arctic Foam) has created a list of Canadian construction/renovation companies that Tweet. Why would they do this and why am I blogging about it?

    • They are doing some social sharing which helps them get exposure – they are blogging for business!
    • Their target customer is one that can either use their product or refer their product to others. Collecting a list of Twitter handles (user-generated no less) and following them allows ArcticFoam to build a relationship in a cost-efficient and non-spammy way.
    •  Blogging is hard. Until you amass a cadre of loyal readers, it often feels like you’re talking to yourself. Posting something that’s non-commercial and a “feel good” takes the pressure off.
    • Blog posts like the one ArcticFoam did allows them to continue to put out fresh content that readers (and search engines) demand.

    What creative methods do you use for blogging and engaging your audience?

    Flickr Photo Credit: phil h

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