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    Jan 2012

    14 Tools For Finding and Managing Twitter Followers

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    When it comes to using Twitter, the first question I hear is

    “Why would I want to read about what someone ate for breakfast!”

    After a week or so of playing with Twitter, the next question I often hear is

    “Great…now how can I use this for business?”

    Dave Fleet has a very useful post called 25 Suggestions For How To Use Twitter in 2011. They include ideas for both personal and business use. I’m going to focus on business use and share 14 tools that will help you find and manage twitter followers. Each of them have their pros/cons – I’ll leave it up to you to determine what works best for you or your company.

    1. doesfollow.com – very basic service that checks to see if a user follows another user.
    2. Followcost – measures how much people tweet.
    3. FriendorFollow – who followed or unfollowed. http://www.friendorfollow.com/
    4. just tweet it – find twitter users by category.
    5. Qwitter – weekly email of who stopped following you.
    6. Refollow –  manage, follow/unfollow/block uers – 100 free follows/unfollows to see how it works.
    7. Social WhoIs – Find people with common interests, info to help you determine whether you should follow or not. Like the whois service for domain names but for people instead!
    8. SocialToo (Twitter, Facebook and MySpace). Can auto follow people, track who is following or has stopped following and get rid of those auto DM bots.
    9. Timely – analyzes your past 199 tweets and tells you what the best times are to tweet. Then, you can use it to post and it will send it out at those times.
    10. Tweeter karma – shows followers, mutual friends by last update, sortable and filterable.
    11. TweetStork – find targeted twitter followers, list owners and re-tweeters.
    12. Twellow – directory of public twitter accounts; by category.
    13. twitaholic – track the most popular twitter users.
    14. who.unfollowed.me – track unfollowers.

    There are many other services available. Please share one that you’ve found to be particularly useful.

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