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    Jan 2012

    What is Social Media?

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    Media, like television, radio, newspapers and magazines, has traditionally been a one-way communication tool. There were limited ways of providing your opinion on a topic and as such, this media was as engaging as the options that exist now. Imagine listening to a monologue (or class lecture) and not being able to say a word,  share your experience or even publicly agree or disagree –  not very appealing IMHO. Social media, on the other hand,  is two-way communication – there are many ways of providing your opinion on a topic and even having a dialogue with the author or company.  A notable feature of social media is user-generated content (UGC), like what you see in an Amazon review.

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    Jul 2009

    Who Uses Social Networks and What Are They Like? A Warning.

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    Marketing decisions based on surveys can be dangerous if you don’t dig into the data to ensure that the insights gleaned are relevant. For example, a study by Anderson Analytics which is discussed in a ReadWriteWeb article, says a lot about social networkers and says very little! Part 2 of the article is even less informative IMHO.

    ethnicomm says run away from the bull
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    My issues:

    • participants were paid to take the survey
    • its Amerocentric
    • it does not take the life cycle of the individual social networks into consideration

    Twitter is relatively new and MySpace is old. The co-relationships between these networks will change over time as more people adopt Twitter and abandon MySpace. As users progress from college to the work world, LinkedIn will also become more important – it’s not a matter of what they like, it’s a question of what benefit they will get from that particular social network.

    So, if you are thinking about social networks and where to place your precious ad dollars (or euros/rupees), you should ensure that you understand the data. Remember…numbers don’t lie but faulty interpretations of what those numbers mean could be hazardous to your (business) health.

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